Special Offer Krav Maga Tank Top Fightclub Knock Out Reduced

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 Special Offer Krav Maga Fightclub Knock Out Reduced

The Tank Top has of meaningful pressure, it is comfortable to wear, stylish and definitely a Eyecatcher.The mega blatant Men Tank Top is ideal for leisure.Das Tank Fight Wear has the usual quality from 100% cotton *, Belcoro® yarn -Gleichfarbig to neckline and armholes-Belcoro® yarn for a softer Griffund Higher mesh density 

Size width * length ** 
S       46        68 
M      48.5      70 
L       53.5      72 
XL     56         74 
2XL   58.5       76 
Tol +/- 2.5      2.5 
* Unit 2 cm below the armholes transversely along 
the garment. 
** Measure from highest point of shoulder to 
the lower edge of the garment.

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